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2015 Weight Loss Challenge!

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2015 Weight Loss Challenge!

Join us for our 4 month long 2015 "Weight Loss Challenge". Together we will lose pounds and inches and have a blast doing it. Read the following information carefully, register any time between January 3rd and May 1st, set your 4 month weight loss goal and go!

Registration Begins: Saturday, Jan 3rd 8:30am-9:15am (If you are not available on Jan 3rd, you may register and join the challenge at any time before May 1st.)

Challenge Ends: Saturday, May 2nd.

Registration Fee: $10

Weekly Weigh-In: Every Saturday, 9:00am at the Studio. If you cannot attend Saturday morning "Weigh in", you must text or call in your previous week's weight loss to your team captain. (Your weight will be kept strictly confidential and sharing your total weight with your team captain is not necessary).

Photos: If you are comfortable, a "before" photo will be taken at the time of registration. An "after" photo will be taken at the end of the challenge. You can choose to display your photo on a progress board in the Studio.

Teams: At the time of registration you will be assigned to Team A or Team B. Melinda Wilson and Lisa Henne are our Team Captains. Your team will be your support system. The team with the overall total weight loss in pounds will be the winning team. On Saturday, May 2nd, the team that did not win will prepare and serve a healthy picnic lunch to the winning team. Our picnic will be in the park!

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded every Tuesday at 7:00pm to any participant who has lost 2-3 pounds the previous week. More than 3 lbs a week is not recommended. Though you may drop more in the first couple of weeks, 2-3 lbs a week is safe. There will also be prizes awarded for 10 and 20 lb milestones!

Grand Prize: A Tahoe Weekend Get-Away, donated by John and Kathleen Whisler, will be awarded on May 2nd to the individual who dropped the highest "percentage" of weight over-all. If 2 or more individuals are tied, the tie will be broken by the number of fitness classes attended at TC Studio.

Packet: At the time of registration, you will receive an information packet which will include a calendar of work-out suggestions, green smoothie recipes, and easy, full-proof weight loss tips. Each week at weigh-in, you will also receive an inspirational thought to keep you motivated.

Facebook: Participants will be welcome to join our Facebook Group. In this private group, we will share recipes, successes, disappointments and give each other the support and encouragement to keep going.

Whether your goal is 5 lbs or 50 lbs, join us for the challenge! Let’s do it!!